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It’s Not Hide and Seek

You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

I was seeking God this morning. I was seeking Him to, not just guide my ways, but to give me comfort that He is in the midst of the things that are laying heavy on my heart.

Why is it easier said than done? We pray that God will handle our situation for us, yet we continue to do what we think is the right thing to do…without giving God time to either act in it or give us guidance for our own steps. If you’re anything like me, it’s a constant struggle.

I have believed in God all of my life but I didn’t know that we were to ‘seek Him’ in every aspect of our lives. I learned that when I first started at my last church about 9 years ago. I learned to love Him and to be in His Word. And I gave my life to Him there.

But I’m a slow learner. Although I heard over and over again about laying my problems at the feet of Jesus, I didn’t really get that, nor how to do that. That’s where, for me, Jeremiah 29:13 comes in. When you look at the meaning of the words of this piece of scripture it is telling us that seeking Him is through worship and prayer. When we do this, from the very depths of who we are-without holding anything back- we will find Him.

The following verse then tells us;’ “I will be found by you”this is the Lord’s declaration.’ V. 14a

God isn’t playing Hide and Seek with us. He wants to be found by us. One of the problems is-we think that God should come to us, rather than us to Him.

A concept I try to reinforce with the ladies in my Bible study (and a good reminder for myself) is that the Christian faith is an active one. WE need to do OUR part. We don’t get to sit on our bums and wait for God to be at our beck and call.

Another scripture which supports this, is Isaiah 7:9b “Unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm.”

I really love that verse. Why? Because it is a constant reminder for me that the strength of my faith is very dependent on the work that I do for it. This verse is telling us (when you look at the meaning of the words used) that unless we ‘build up or support’ our faith and frankly our knowledge of who God really is- we will not be able to stand strong in difficut times. He cannot do that for us-He cannot make us stand firm. If we do not do our part, we will not have the strength and faith in Him to get us through the very difficult and dark days we All go through.

Friend, if you have been blessed and your life hasn’t been too difficult for you, I thank God right along with you for that. But I promise you, there are difficult days that WILL come along. None of us are immune from this. I would even say, especially as believers.

So what do we do? How can we stand firm?

Do exactly what the scriptures tell us. Seek Him in worship and prayer…and obviously, His Word.

First-get into a reading plan. It dosn’t have to be a ‘read the Bible in a year’ plan but it needs to be something to help you be in the Word on a daily basis. What I did at first was to read a part of an Old Testament chapter and part of a New Testatment chapter. This allowed me to both get the Word in my day and it wasn’t overwhelming. -then begin to find scripture that strengthens you and memorize it.

Second-Prayer. This is the aspect that has been a struggle for me. I do pray through out the day but not deep and intentional prayer. That is something I have just started to really work on…spending time with God in prayer -AND meditation afterward. Prayer is meant to be a conversation between us and God. Not just us airing our issues to Him.

Third-Worship. This is time that we are specifically praising God. Utilizing worship songs and hymns can help us with this. I enjoy both contemporary Christian music as well as the hymns that I grew up with. Yesterday I had the hymn- ‘Yahweh I Know You Are Near’ running through my mind. Unfortunately I am not musically inclined (my poor husband’s ears would testify to that! 😂!) so all I was singing throughout the day was the chorus. When I got home I brought it up on YouTube and sang along for an hour.  This time in singing praises to Him helps bring our hearts, minds and spirits into alignment with Him. Which is where they need to be.

There are other areas that we need to address as well in our lives as Christians;

Being part of a church body (one that preaches the full, unedited Word of God)-there is no Gospel and no salvation without the blood of Jesus!

Being in FELLOWSHIP with other Christians-people who love God and with whom you can be honest with concerning LIFE. People who will be honest with you when you start to stray and struggle…and we all do at times.

Fasting -one I am sorry to say, I have neglected (if under medical care, it can be something other than food)- it is a time to be intentional in being in God’s word, in prayer and meditation during a specific time period. It is a time to strengthen your spiritual life.

This life God has placed us in is a journey. A journey that we will, through our actions and His will, we will grow closer to Him and to the people He has created us to be.

I pray God’s blessings and protection over you.

With lots of Love and in the precious name of JESUS.




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