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And I Wonder…

‘The Lord had done great things for us; we were joyful.’ Psalm 126:3

I wanted so much to write this prior to Christmas but I just couldn’t seem to get the words out. All I could think about was what Mary went through. I needed to take a step back. I needed to look at what happened during that time, over two thousand years ago.

And you know what I wonder? I wonder how she did it.

I was an immature nineteen year old when I had my daughter. I was a kid having a kid. A married kid, but a kid nonetheless. And it really makes me wonder… how did she do it? By todays standards, she was a child. She was just thirteen years old and she gave birth to the Savior of the world. I wonder how she handled all the talk and the attitude of people toward her when they realized that she was pregnant and she and Joseph were still in the engagement stage. It was a time in which the children were being murdered by King Herod in fear of this ‘ruler’, the Messiah for Israel was prophesied to be born. At such a young age she had to worry about the well-being of her yet unborn son.

I cannot imagine what she went through as she and Joseph had to take all their belongings and leave the place they knew. The place that their families were, all in order to protect their unborn Son. I wonder what was going through her mind as the only place that they could find while she was in labor was a cave that was meant for the animals.

It amazes me when in today’s society it seems like the Christmas ‘season’ is filled more with business than it is with joy. While in church we state emphatically that Christmas is about Christ while the second we walk out the door we are on our way to the mall (or our cell phones) to purchase tons of presents. I’m not going to say I’m any better because I’m not.

But this year…I wonder.

I wonder if she knew. Did she know what the fate of her Son was going to be? That it was her precious first born Son that was spoken of in the Scriptures? Scriptures like Isaiah 53: 7 “He was oppressed and He was afflicted, yet He opened not His mouth. He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before it’s shearers is silent, so He opened not His mouth.’

Did she wonder of the pain He would endure for ALL people when He cried after scraping His knee or stubbing His toe as a toddler? Did she wonder, even hope, that she imagined the visit of the angel and He wasn’t the Messiah? All in hopes that her baby would be spared from the harm He came to suffer for you and I?

My heart breaks for her. As a mother I know how difficult it is to see your kids hurt. I cannot imagine knowing, wondering and then watching as her Son was tortured and killed.

But then we need to remember that after Friday, after the dark and difficult days, after Saturday when things are scary and confusing…He promises us Sunday. A day for HOPE.

God has promised through all this to always be with us. To give us strength and to guide us.

SO…this year God is working on me to concentrate on and share His guidance to ‘Do not be…’afraid, anxious, fear etc.

Will you join me? Let us concentrate on His presence in our lives rather than the struggles that we go through.

God bless my friends!

In Jesus’ precious name.


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