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Continue to Strive

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

I’ve been thinking a lot about our purpose in life. Whether it is you or me. Friend or foe. We all have a purpose that we have been created to accomplish. As usual, this is something that I have been struggling with. On one hand I don’t want to lessen my resolve in where I believe God is leading me, yet on the other I wonder if I’m just not facing reality.

As I was listening to David Jeremiah’s book ‘A Life Beyond Amazing’ in preparation for my Women’s Bible study this week, I listened to his guidance on living a life of self discipline. Within the chapter he discusses Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar speech a few years back. During the speech Matthew tells of a discussion he had with a friend over several years and a question asked was ‘Who’s your hero?’ After some contemplation he decided that…he was. He looks forward to the man he will be in 10 years.

The really interesting thing about this is, it will never be fully attained. He is always striving forward to being a better and stronger man than he was at that moment. And in ten years he will continue that journey. Stronger than he was in his younger self but striving to, again, be a better and stronger man…in 10 years.

I heard of this speech and even took time to watch it not long after it aired on TV. But listening to it today it really hit me. Regardless if I attain the place in promoting God’s kingdom as I feel He’s leading me, I will strive to be who God has called me to be. I see so many around me, old, young and everyone in between, worrying about how to build up their bank account or how to get that better job. While striving to better ourselves is a great thing, what is it we are really striving for?

What is it we are really striving for?

Are we striving to get our name known? Are we striving to be the one others look up to or are jealous of? Or are we striving to make the lives of other people better?

No matter where you believe God is guiding you, I hope and pray that you realize it should always lead you to lift others up. If the place He leads us to increases our bank account, has us standing in front of thousands or being one of many in the background making things happen in the Kingdom, let us do it with God’s guidance and blessing.

What do I mean?

If you are striving for that big bank account or that big job…what are you planning to do with it when you get it?

Are we waiting our lives away?

Do you think that accomplishing that alone will bring you true joy and happiness? It doesn’t. Look at the many well off and well known people that were so unhappy with life that they took their own lives. It’s sad and it’s heartbreaking. And are we ‘waiting our lives away?’ Waiting for the moment we feel we have enough money in the bank, enough Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers to feel as if we’ve ‘made it’?

First and foremost, work on finding out what God’s will is for your life. Pray earnest prayers and open the Bible once in a while (daily would be awesome) and ask Him to speak to you. In the meanwhile, while you wait on that answer…. Do good for OTHERS, live each and every day as if it is your last. If it was, would you still be choosing to do what you’ve been doing?

Embrace LIFE and be open to the fact that the God of the universe, adores YOU and has awesome things awaiting you.

Strive to make a difference!

Strive to make a difference my friend. In the lives of others, not just your own.

With lots of love,


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