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“For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with that we should no longer be slaves to sin.” Romans 6:6

As I’ve mentioned before I grew up in the Catholic Church. I am blessed to have attended an awesome church-St. Peter’s. It was and still is a church of the community. It is a place that is filled with believers of diverse races and ethnicities. St. Peter’s is a place that I witnessed how important our faith in God is and the respect that should be shown Jesus Christ. One of my favorite people that showed that love and high respect for God and Jesus is Father Richard. A man that serves with passion and has shared it with the communities he continues to serve.

It was in the pews of St. Peter’s that I began to realize how real God is. That He’s not just a story in a really old book. Or an idea that I created into a crutch to lean on in bad times. I’m guessing at the time line here but I’d say it had to be around 15 years ago or so-after my divorce- I would attend church intermittently but it became more regular as the kids were in CCD and getting ready for confirmation. One thing I really appreciated about St. Peter’s was they were adamant about the kids attending church. We had to prove it! Either their personal slip had to be handed to the priest after service or, if we went to a different church, the priest there had to sign a copy of that week’s bulletin. To be completely honest the only other place I would have wanted to get married-outside of where I did-would have been St. Peter’s. A beautiful 150+ year church.

A church so filled with, not just history, but LOVE. Love~the epitome of who God is.  And they demonstrated it well. However, people around us may try and say that God is an angry god. That He is mean and spiteful. All those things are so far from the truth of who He really is. The best explanation that I’ve heard was from a few ladies in the Bible study I help run. God is like a parent; If we see our child do something that is potentially harmful to them we are going to stop them. And we do that out of love. We know that the child may think they want the end result of what they are doing but we know what the real consequences can be.

The Word is filled with examples of what God has and continues to do for us. Things in our best interests. We have a ‘But God’. He may be saying I can’t give you this but I will give you this instead…which is always better that what we wanted in the first place! He turns our struggles into our testimony. He will turn situations that seem impossible into something for our good. We may not always see what the ‘good’ is in the moment but we will likely later on at some point.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

We can all too often look at our situations, whether it be our jobs, our relationships, financial situation etc. to form our identity. Who we see ourselves to be. That very easily could become an issue for me. From getting married at the age of 18 and divorced by 25, going from skinny to chunky, back to skinny, now back to chunky…taking A LOT of years to complete just my associates degree, being in a State job for 26 years…being passed over for promotion after promotion for the last several years. It could be devastating to my self esteem. But it isn’t. Why? Because I now find my identity in God and Jesus.

I know it can be annoying at times to the people I love that the majority of what I talk about…and frankly what I do, is faith based. I love God. I’m absolutely NUTS about him. I read/listen to book after book. I go to a Bible study each week, I help run one another evening. I listen to sermons from various pastors just about on a daily basis. When my husband and I go to church we are usually there a half hour early…yeah, I’m a bit quirky I guess. BUT, I’m happier than I ever have been and I want to share it with everyone around me. That’s why I do this blog.

I hope you are able to find that love of Him as I have. Your own version of course. He made us to be indivuals and individuals we shall be. Just seek Him my friend. He’s waiting for YOU.

Lots of love and in Jesus’ precious name.




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