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The Cornerstone

“Haven’t you read this scripture; The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. This came from the Lord and is wonderful in our eyes?” Mark 12:10-11

My husband, my son and I had the pleasure of the seeing the movie ‘The Case for Christ’ last night. I’ve already been reading the book but the movie is more about the background story of Lee Strobel and his investigation into Jesus’ death and resurrection. I am truly honored that he was honest with his story. His reaction to his wife turning to Christianity was unpleasant…to put it nicely.

As Lee Strobel found throughout his investigation-science and history show that both God is real as well as Jesus. Including His death and resurrection. The Old Testament is filled with prophesy after prophesy of the coming of Jesus. Prophesies telling from His birth line, where He would be born, that He would be rejected by the ones He came for and so many others.

As we do sometimes, they were looking for a specific image. Someone that would take on the Romans and free them. We also may look for God in a specific image…one that is going to overlook our sins and for Him to say it’s ok for us to remain the same as we have been. But God loves us too much to leave us the way we are. This reminds me of one of the scenes in the movie. Lee S. asks one of the people he interviewed why Jesus would willingly allow Himself to be tortured the way He was. Why wouldn’t He have called that legion of angels to protect Him…WHY? Because He loves us. LOVE.

We don’t want to acknowledge that love. Instead we want to live our lives the way we want. So we will often wait until we hit bottom before we turn to God and see what His will is for our life. This is what comes to mind when I read the scripture above. We may reject Him but at some point He will become our cornerstone. He will be our priority, the One we love the most.

I know on my end it tends to annoy those around me that my favorite subject these days is God, Jesus, and Church. But I’m not sorry for that. Jesus saved me. He saved me from myself more than anything else. And more than anything I want to share the Hope I’ve found in Him and through Him. I’m unfortunately not that great in sharing it face to face but I’m working on it. I now pray that those around me will open their hearts and minds.

I pray that God will give us and those around us new hearts and new spirits. That He will make the hearts of stone around us into hearts of flesh. May they see Him, come to Him and love Him.

In Jesus’ precious name.


2 thoughts on “The Cornerstone”

  1. As always, Thank you Tara, for sharing your; wisdom, insight, understanding of the WORD and love for our LORD and SAVIOR. Amen. We are the weak made strong.

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