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There’s No Denying…

“Display the wonders of Your faithful love, Savior of all who seek refuge from those who rebel agains Your right hand.” Psalm 17:7

Happy Friday friends! God is SO good!

In the midst of our troubles we can always know that our God is faithful to those who love Him. Today is the first day in a long time that I feel truly happy about every aspect of my life. I’m not where I want to be ultimately but I’m on my way and I have a God that loves me, guides me, convicts me when I’m wrong and has given me another day of life to be with those I love and to serve Him. Woohoo!

One thing I’ve been trying to do over the last few years is to change my thought process about life. About everything. It’s not always easy to do but can make such a huge difference in how we feel, sleep, in our relationships…We are never going to be happy every day or get along with every person. And that’s ok. We’re human. We all have our quirks. I may be very-even overly-sensitive on one subject where for you it may be no big deal one way or the other.

One piece of scripture that stood out to me this week, that I’m working on memorizing, is Isaiah 8:11 “The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does.” Hmmm. I like how the first part of this verse is in KJ: “For the Lord spake thus to me with a strong hand..” He means business here my friends. We, as believers, need to and should be (at least most days) thinking differently than non-believers. We have a great, awesome and mighty God. All the things that scripture has told us about the creation of EVERYTHING is being proven by science itself.

I believe that I mentioned before that I’ve been reading/listening to a book by Lee Strobel called ‘The Case for a Creator’. I’m honestly floored with the information that is provided in the book. God’s handiwork is visible to us, all around us, we just need to open our eyes, our hearts and our minds to it. From our bodies, our fellow creatures here on the planet with us, to this awesome universe we live in. My son mentioned to me last night about a group in the Phillpines…a native group that is able to hold their breath for five minutes while they swim eighty feet under water to spear fish. Most humans are currently incapable of doing this. One-we are unable to hold our breath for that long and Two-the amount of pressure on the body at eighty feet under water would be too much for us.

I finished the book today and there were a few phrases from scientists that he (Lee S.) interviewed;

“Science offers a surer path to God than religion.” Statement by Paul Davies in the book-last chapter.

“Atheism is a faith which draws conclusions that go beyond the available evidence.” (Last chapter of the book)

I truly hope that I am not coming off pushy or obnoxious on sharing my belief here. I just have seen God work so immensely in my life and the lives of those I love that there is no way I can deny that He exists.

Do the research yourself. Don’t just believe me. The science proves that there is a Creator and history (historical documents) prove that Jesus existed, was crucified and resurrected.

Have an awesome weekend friends.

Praying you will see God work wonders in your life.

In Jesus’ name.






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