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Ephesians 4:2

‘Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.’

Good Saturday to you all. I’m thanking Jesus this morning for placing people in my life that help me keep my eyes upon Him during my days of struggle. Yesterday was definitely one of them.

While talking with my husband about my issues and the doubts that Satan was hitting me with yesterday, he reminded me that God always has my back. That His plans will always prevail if I turn to Him. And I thank God for a man who loves me and as Ephesians 4:2 states is humble and gentle, who is patient and bears with me. The Greek word that this scripture uses for patient is ‘makrothumia’ which means longsuffering. …LONG suffering. LOL

When your in a position that you need to be patient with someone it can be a time of LONG suffering for you. Working on keeping a gentle and loving heart for someone that you may want to say ‘alright already!’, ‘you’re being ridiculous’…can be a challenge. That’s how Jesus was with all those He encountered while He walked among us and it’s how He is with us now.

The word used for ‘bearing with’ states a similar type of word. The Greek word used is ‘anechomai’ which means ‘to hold oneself up against (put up with), bear with, endure, forebear, suffer.’ Taking into account that two separate words, meaning basically the same thing, is used in the scripture tells me that this is important to God.  We need to bear with, suffer through, endure trials in LOVE with each other.

We’re human and that fact usually has us thinking about ourselves…me, me, me. And I’m no different. That is where being in consistent fellowship with God is so important. Being in His Word (the Bible), being in prayer (both in thanksgiving to Him as well as airing our issues-even though He already knows them all) and going to service-enabling you to be in fellowship with other Christians is so important. Each of these helps make you stronger in your walk with God.

I will get into a bit more detail of each of those (being in the Word, Prayer and Fellowship) in tomorrow’s regular blog. For today I pray that He will give you the strength, love and patience you need to keep going.

Have a wonderful day!

In Jesus’ precious name.


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