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Bible Believer

One thing I realized today is how set people can be in how they think about certain things. So much so that they don’t want to hear opposing opinions.
Truth be told I can have that issue myself with certain subjects. I fully believe that we’ve been created to be like that. I think it’s so we don’t sit idly by and allow life to pass us by…so we don’t allow injustices to be ignored.
The thing is, where do we get our moral compass to address any of these things. And how reliable is it?
That’s one reason I am so grateful that the Bible has such a presence in history. The historical documentation of it is truly astounding. One thing I learned at the seminar yesterday is that archeologists actually use the Bible to decide where to dig to find certain places in the Middle East. How cool is that?
Like anything the Bible has been used inappropriately-whether is is people taking a scripture out of context or going to the ‘legalistic’ end of the spectrum.
I ask you to read the Bible yourself, ask God to show you, through the Holy Spirit, it’s meaning and get into a strong Bible believing and teaching church. Not one that chooses to believe and follow only aspects of it. It is of eternal consequence.
Let’s remember that God told us to LOVE those around us…how else are we going to show them what He’s truly like??
Lots of Love to all of you.
In Jesus’ precious name.

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