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Believing Lies

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” 1 John 3:1

In church a few weeks ago, the elder that ran the service discussed how he and his wife keep beehives to make their own honey and that when he went out earlier that week he found just about all of them dead on the ground. He called the woman at the company that he bought the hives from and who guides them in what to do, to see what could have happened. She told him that because the weather went from cold to a brief warm spell the bees ‘believed a lie’ that they could leave their hive and safely return.

They believed a LIE.

Sounds like how we all live our lives isn’t it? Being asked (and often convinced) by Satan (and those people around us that he uses) to believe one lie after another. Now not to be facicous, that’s the exact reason I don’t watch the news anymore. Regardless if you set yourself on the liberal, conservative or on the fence lines…the majority of news stations peddle lies. They may have facets of truth to them but very rarely the full truth. What’s that phrase??

A half truth is a FULL lie.

Sadly, we don’t need to turn on the television or listen to the radio to hear lies. We hear them in our head and in our thoughts all the time. We hear a lie when we tell ourselves that we are not worthy to be loved, that we don’t seem to be deserving of a promotion, a relationship or to get healthy. I want to tell you that thoughts like that are from the enemy. He wants to do all he can to make us think that God doesn’t really love us. That Jesus didn’t really die (and raise again) for us. He wants us to think that we are actually here alone. That we may have people that care for us but at the end of the day, we’re alone and we are worthless.

I know that feeling all too well. I have felt that a lot in my life. Alone and believing LIES.

If I’m honest with myself, I’ve had those feelings since I was a little girl. Not that anyone was to blame. There are several years between my siblings and I…I was more than just a little to surprise to everyone. I can remember sitting on the stairs alone in our town house-with one particular time when I had a cat/kitten on my own self-made leash. I wanted someone to care for me and to love me too. Due to the age difference my siblings didn’t really want to hang out with me. And of course the answer to the cat was NO.

I can also remember going into high school and being a big girl… Because of my insecurities of my weight and my shy nature,  I allowed people to treat me poorly. That didn’t end unfortunately for a long time. Through high school and into my early thirties. Although many of those years were very difficult, I wouldn’t change them.


Because I needed to learn that God loves me. Truly loves me. No side agenda. No ‘I’ll love you if…’ He just loves me. He loves me on my good days and He loves me on my really stupid and bad days.

He is the One that saved me. He tells me all the time, through His Word and while I’m in prayer, that He loves me… he loves me PERFECTLY.  Ad that others do and can love me too.

People don’t always do that. They tell us, usually with words but sometimes by action, that they will love us IF…. One particular comment that was made to me during those long difficult years was…’well no one else is knocking on your door’. And for a while I believed it. Until God knocked on my door at my lowest moment.

Thankfully God has worked in me and through me. He has shown me that He loves me. That He has awesome, aweome plans for me. And boy has He shown me!

First came a love for myself. Then I was able to better love my kids…In walked my honey, Mr. Fred. Our original church here, and now our new one. Awesome and amazing Christian friends. He’s allowed me to share His word in sermons and in Bible study.

Best of all He has opened my eyes to who and what is around me. I better appreciate my husband, kids, mother, siblings and friends, not to mention the amazingly beautiful Hudson Valley where I live.

God is just so good and amazing. He is our and my Abba Father, our true Daddy.

Come and let Him love you too. Because guess what? He already does!

With lots of love and in Jesus’ precious name.


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