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The Sweet Smell of Perfume

Mary therefore took a pound of expensive ointment made from pure nard, and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.” John 12:3

I want to thank you for bearing with me these last few weeks and months. The last few weeks especially have been extremely hectic-Between work and…my daughter getting married!- I couldn’t keep my mind straight. It’s funny, I didn’t realize just how much the prep for the wedding was on my mind. When I went to work that following Monday, I was actually able to concentrate.

My daughter’s wedding was a big reminder to me of all the blessings that have been given to me over the last few months…they have been amazing. The new position at work and the travel that came along with that, preparing for my daughter’s wedding…it’s been an awesome time. Although, I have to be honest, I’m EXHAUSTED!

I’d love to use that as an excuse as to why I haven’t been in God’s Word much. I do listen to sermons every day but that doesn’t take the place of being in the Word myself. Being in the Word allows God to speak to each of us through it. And I seriously have been slacking in that area.

The sermon today at church really convicted me of that. The pastor spoke on John 12: 1-11 -the concept of his sermon was ‘What do you find worth in?” Considering I’ve been giving time to just about everything but God…it’s not God. Now, my mind would tell you differently. It would tell you that He’s the most important aspect of my life. That He’s on my mind all the time…yet my actions tell a different story.

I want so much to be one of those people that spend a significant amount of time of in the Word every morning as well as in prayer and meditation. Sadly, I find it all too easy to press the snooze button on my alarm. That right there-that tells the truth of what’s in my heart. ME..Me-NOT God.  And that fact makes me sad.

I want so much to be more like Mary. I want to truly and honestly have God as my priority. As she used what was of most ‘worth’ to her (financially)-she took that and poured it on our Lord’s feet. Why? To show Him how much she loved Him and how very grateful she was for who He is and what He has done.

The perfume she used is said to be extremely expensive…for today it would be any where between 30-50 thousand dollars. Jesus is worth that and so much more.

Not everyone in the room was please with what Mary did. Although the only one we are told about is Judas. The same Judas that would soon betray Jesus. He scolded Mary for what she did, for wasting such an expensive perfume. Why? What did he find to be worthy? The money. The money he could have gotten if he sold the perfume. He tried to use a reasoning that the money could have been given to the poor. But His heart was on himself and his selfish desires.

One of the points our pastor made today really hit home…‘What WE worship influences others.’ In the text above it tells how the fragrance of the perfume Mary poured on Jesus’ feet filled the room. Is the fragrance of your faith filling your sphere of influence? Do people know that you are a disciple of Jesus or would that be a surprise to them? Our actions and our behavior should hopefully be pointing others toward Jesus.

A favorite scripture of mine is; ‘If you love Me, you will keep My commandments‘-John 14:15. This really hit me with this particular subject. It can easily seem like God is saying if we keep His commandments it would show that we love Him. And in that kind of aspect it would be more of an act of obligation. But I see it differently. I see it this way…If we truly love Jesus and have given our life to Him, He will work through us (via the Holy Spirit) and it will change what we have in our hearts and minds and therefore our behavior. When we love Him, it gives us a desire to do good toward others. To live our life in a way that pleases Him.

I pray that the desire of my heart-and yours-will be to please God. To love Him, to spend time in His presence. To share the HOPE that we have in him.

We sang the song ‘Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here’ today at church. What a powerful song. A song that tells that because of His presence in our life, ‘our shame is undone’,  ‘to be overcome by His presence.’- Friends, I wish I could accurately describe what being in His presence is like. The pure love, the HOPE that He gives. The knowing that despite all my many, many, many faults, sins and mistakes-His arms will be open wide to accept me and YOU home to Him.

I pray that you and I put down all our reservations and come to Him. To realize that life is SO much more satisfying with Him being part of it. That despite all the wrong we’ve done in our lives…and He knows it ALL-He still loves us with every ounce of Who He is.

Sending each of you my love and prayers.

In Jesus’ precious name.










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